Craig's Report - March 11, 2004

Discretion Advised

Alas the heavy muck of a couple of days ago has ossified under crisp clear night skys, making off piste areas all but unskiable without heavy doses of sunshine. Steep shady slopes are definitely to be avoided and indeed many have been closed. I did manage some nice runs down Sunnyside and even found very good conditions on Tom's run, but only by paying careful attention to slope aspects, shade trees and good timing.

The groomers ranged from very crisp to very nice depending again on the sun exposure and elevation and those so inclined could probably have had a nice day of cruising. For me however, the day was short and reaffirmed my antipathy towards spring skiing. It was however a beautiful spring day to just be outside.

At 4:20 PM it is 15 C on my sun drenched deck.