Craig's Report - March 08, 2004

Powder Interruptus

I feed like a curmudgeon following Jay's great report on last weeks delights at Island Lake and the hill with this update, but conditions have changed a tad. Alas just about closing time yesterday, the snow turned to rain which continued throughout the evening. It appears the freezing level was far above the top of the lifts and was followed by warm temperatures and a mid day sun today. This very effectively reconstituted any remaining powder into porridge that the Quaker himself would be proud of.

Reactions to this varied, but I don't think the consensus was all that positive and the few people that were on the hill today seemed to be largely concentrated on groomed things like Bear. However, trying for a liberal minded, slime tolerant attitude, I spent most of my time off piste and actually found it kind of pleasant in a masochoistic kind of way. Freshies (slurpies?) were certainly not hard to come by.

Coming up on 4:30 PM, it is 8 C at the house with a partially cloudy sky.