Craig's Report - March 04, 2004


Today was a pretty classic powder day in Fernieland. The hill reported 17 cm overnight and 26 in the last 24 hours, but in many places the high quality powder churning well over your knees felt like 30+. Needless to say the skiing was excellent, with the minor exception of some icy spots in higher traffic areas, where the powder got scraped into lumps. These paled into insignificance in the general goodness though.

As has been normal this season, the various bowls and areas were opened much quicker than in the past and by mid afternoon everything was open except for the face lift. One anomaly was that the Haul Back was apparently sick (perhaps in sympathy with a significant number of Fernie workers today) and was closed all day. This did not prevent a pretty steady stream of folks, who were willing to walk out or perhaps just got carried away, from heading down there anyway.

It was mainly cloudy, but occasionally the sun put in an appearance. Sun and powder, how good is that? It did get rather warm near the bottom later in the day.

At twenty to five in the afternoon, it is 3 C and partially cloudy at the house.