Craig's Report - February 26, 2004

Warm, Damp Goodness

It snowed today, hard. It rained today, hard. It was very foggy today. There was beautiful sunshine today. The snow was ankle deep sludge. The snow was ankle deep powder. The snow was compacted into hard lumps. The snow was crunchy and icy. It was warm today. It was, well, warm today.

All of the above could be experienced in just the course of a run or two and yet on balance I would rate the skiing as very good. Route selection was important and a little local knowledge didn't hurt either, but I found nice turns on all the runs I took. Even the heavy stuff down low was agreeable to me if you could stay in uncut stuff, although it did pack out quickly and in some places had the drag of a drogue chute.

The best runs were predictably off of White Pass, although Shakey's Acres had been scaped off enough to trip up the unwary when the visibility was low. (Who me?). However even on the old side, I had a very nice run on an untrodden part of Linda's run. Generally stuff that had not seen sun earlier in the week was the place to be.

At 5:30 PM it is about 2 C and pouring rain at the house.