Bernie's Report - October 21, 2004

We'll miss you Joe. . .

Mr. Joe Haidenshuster (affectionately known to many in the area as �Old Joe�) succumbed to cancer on October 5, 2004 in Toronto. Joe moved to Fernie in May of 1992 and returned to his family in Toronto in November 2003. Joe had many friends in Fernie and all of them knew of his love for the mountains. His passions of skiing and hiking he did with an enthusiasm that is hard to describe. He was truly an inspiration to everyone who knew him.

Some of his friends Remember �

Joe lived in our condo complex and Helped us when ever we asked. Skiing with Joe was always a challenge just to keep up. Many great runs were had and always with a smile at the end of the day. Hiking Polar Peak, The Three Sisters and Hosmer Mountain were highlights that will be remembered.

Don Jackson & Arlene Bye

Joe was a big man to us. We first met Joe when we moved into the Ridgemont condos - moving heavy furniture late into the evening. He thought he was getting rowdy neighbours!! Some fresh baked muffins and a note reassured him we were pretty quiet.

Joe motivated anyone who loved outdoors and recreation. Joe joined us to help celebrate Christmas, New Years, and graduation. We'll always remember "SKI JOE" on his license plate. Joe was always ready with a smile every time he saw us. Joe loved to cut the grass at the condos just to keep in shape, and we often saw him out there when we were tending the flower beds.

Joe always made our children and us feel special and valued. Joe was a true role model for an exceptional man. We've missed Joe since his move, and still think of him every time we drive past the Ridgemont condos, or look up in to the mountains and think of his love for skiing and hiking to the next peak, or go toward Cranbrook and remember his stories of biking to Morrissey in the wind. Joe was a 'gentle, wise� man.

Bettilou and Allen Carson

Joe was a great inspiration to all of us who had the privilege of knowing him and spending time with him during his 13 years in Fernie. He was always in good spirits, laughed a lot and lived life to the fullest. With his zest for life and determination, no mountain was ever too high for him to conquer. We are greatly honoured to have known him and will miss Joe but will remember him fondly.

Wade and Jeannette

We'll miss you Joe.

Joe Haidenshuster, 1925 - 2004

Hiking above Lake Ohara

On the way up to Mt. Temple. As usual, Joe is waiting for the younger hikers to catch up.

Joe at Fernie Alpine Resort

Lunch with Jeannette at Silver Springs.