Bernie's Report - March 02, 2004

Fresh Snow... then Bright Sunshine

A little fresh snow this morning picked things up a notch. The temperature was -5C and it was snowing steadily when I headed out on the hill at 9 o’clock this morning. At the top of the Bear Chair there were a couple of inches of fresh stuff. Although you could hear the occasional “ edge noise” emanating from the hard crust below the powder, the skiing was very enjoyable.

By late morning the weather did a “180”. The snow dissipated and the sun appeared! Now we could actually see where the bumps were! As is usual at this time of year, run selection was an important factor. The sunshine over the past few days had affected the south facing slopes and they were considerably crustier than those with a northern exposure. The shaded areas, particularly at higher elevations, were generally soft and forgiving.

I had the pleasure of skiing with a group of Brits this morning and some upstate New Yorkers this afternoon. I was reminded, after only 5 years of full time residence in this area, of how much I take for granted. Sometimes it’s not about ski conditions, its all about having fun. Today was one of those days….

At 8:30 pm. it is -8C and overcast.