Bernie's Report - February 19, 2004

Spring-Like Conditions & Winter Solstice Ale

At 1:00 pm. I would have been in comfortable in a T-shirt while waiting for the rest of the fellows to arrive for our regular ski get-together. Luckily, the temperature decreased quite rapidly as we proceeded above the base area and the snow at higher elevations was cold and malleable. There was a bit of a crust on some undisturbed portions but for the most part, the snow in the White Pass area was soft. I found that skiing on the groomed runs was particularly enjoyable this afternoon.

Off-piste conditions were quite variable. It was one of those days where you had to be prepared for surprises. Irregular bumps and occasional clumps added to the challenge (and the fun). Lower on the mountain conditions became noticeable firmer. The gully in lower Currie Bowl that had melted in the earlier hours of sunshine had re-frozen by the time we sampled it. Buck managed to carve his way up and down the banks but Paul Simon�s old song more aptly described my technique� �The more you near your destination, the more you�re slip-sliding away�. Fortunately, the destination was near and the Winter Solstice Ale, at the recently relocated �Wood� restaurant, capped off the day just perfectly.

At 6:45 pm. it is mostly cloudy and +3C at the house.

Bernie -

Craig on Lower Concussion

Looking up Concussion

Looking south from the White Pass Chair

The name-less bowl ???