Bernie's Report - January 28, 2004

The Snow Returns..

The early January drought has ended� It�s been snowing almost steadily since last weekend. Over a metre of the white stuff has been deposited on Fernie in the last week. The temperatures were on the cold side and early in the week the snow was light and fluffy but over-running warm air for the past couple of days has given us a generous supply of fairly firm granular snow. Not champagne but excellent never the less.

At higher elevations, the skiing was better today on the steeper pitches where the boot drag was less pronounced. Due to the strong inversion, the snow was actually lighter at lower (colder) elevations. Lower Cedar Bowl was particularly good. By the time we got onto Lower Cedar Centre it was mid afternoon and I had some great fun in the big fluffy bumps. The big surprise of the day came as we headed out of Timber Bowl at lunch time. We traversed around below the Knots Chutes, planning a run through Surprise Trees but to our great delight, Anaconda Glades was open and it hadn't been open for long! Fresh tracks and big smiles for all.

Many areas of the ski hill have remained closed due to the potential avalanche danger. The visibility in falling snow has made it difficult for the patrol to accurately assess the stability of the snow. Most of Cedar Bowl, Currie Bowl and upper Timber Bowl (above the Tower 6 trail) have been closed for the past few days. When they do open, it will be like opening day all over again!

At 7:00 pm it is 0C at the base area with very light snow.

Bernie -

Looking up Highline in Timber Bowl

Looking Down Highline

Boot deep on Bootleg

Who's that guy with the orange helmet?