Jay's Report - January 25, 2004


In a philosophical moment, Bernie (part of the Craig's report fellowship), once suggested: "Sometimes snow conditions can be great but you might only have a mediocre day and sometimes snow conditions can be mediocre but you might have a great day." And sometimes, we both agreed, weather, snow conditions, ski partners, terrain openings from avalanche closures, ski lifts and, well, everything comes together in perfect equanimity to produce the perfect ski day. Sunday was one of those days.

Saturday started off good, with 16 cm of fresh overnight. The skiing/boarding was good. Good enough for me not to want to stop to take in the World Cup mogul competition for more than a couple of minutes. With no snow for the previous two weeks, the Griz worked hard to cover up hardening patches and bare spots. Can't let that go to waste. And with another 22 cm of white gold floating down for opening on Sunday (for a total of 38 cm in 48 hours) the Griz was back in full form! Come Sunday, we were in the Timber lift at 8:45 am and one of the first to experience the moment. I'll never tire of powder days. This one had no bounds; truly deserving of prominent placement in archives of great ski days. It was good all over but my Sunday favorite was Knots Chutes. Honorable mention would have to go to Stagleap. Honorable mention and many accolades also goes to the Ski Patrol, who worked tirelessly at nicely synchronizing the opening of all the terrain that our aching legs could handle. Sunday was one of those Fernie classic, rip snorting, thigh heaving, breath losing, sweating pouring, face shoting, over-time, double time, no lunching, no stopping, never say die days. It was huge. That's all I'm saying.

For those that had any steam left, it was worth staggering over to the World Cup Aerials competition. If you missed it, you can catch the action next weekend on the tube on CBC.

At 5:00pm, its minus 12C at the house. Forecast is heavy snow.

Jay - jay@far.redtree.com

Deb on Decline on Saturday

Derrick on Knots Chutes on Sunday. Arrrrgggghhhh.

Aerial Competition on Sunday

Chris on Knots Chutes on Sunday.