Dave & Anita's Report - December 19, 2003

Just another day at the office

Today was one of those days that no matter what you had to do that was important , getting in a few turns was more important. About -7C early morning , light cloud to half way up the mountain and a sunny, blue bird sky above. Anita & I got going about 10.00am and once we had collected all our stuff from the locker we met up with Bernie, who took all of 2 seconds to decide to come skiing once the invitation was made. The 3 of us headed up the Elk Chair from where we had a quick warm up down Elk & cut off to ride The Bear up and into Cedar Bowl. The snow was fast on the groomers & the grooming was first class. We headed into Cedar & started off to the side of Cruiser (off piste ) which due to the cold night before was a little unpredictable (which means Bernie did a spectacular head dive and as he had the camera, sorry no photo available), so we ducked back onto the groomed and had a super, fast run down to the Haul Back.

From there we made our way to the Boomerang Chair & while riding up over Boom Ridge convinced each other that it looked really good. Quite often this is not the case but once in and under Boom Chair we skied over to Boom Ridge and onto Lower Boom Ridge and back to the Lift. The snow all the way down was very nice although it can be a little tight at the bottom & the early season Alders are still waiting to spoil your day. Anita managed to skilfully ski one ski into a group of alders, naturally the downhill ski which released beautifully, and spent some time extricating herself out of the delightful clump. But the knees suffered no damage. We took the ride up Boom again & once at the top decided to cross over under the Bear Chair & take Sunnyside down onto China wall & make our way across to Timber Chair & do the loop & call it a day.

The ride up Timber was incredibly beautiful as the sun was filtering through the trees to our left , high- lighting the snow crystals in the air all around us. Once at the top we took a run down Puff which was extremely nice and jumped onto the White Pass chair for the last ride of the day.

The ride up was again worth the admission fee and once at the top we headed into Currie Bowl & across the traverse to Concussion Chutes. As is most often the case the ski down was very nice, good snow and once the steep bits had been conquered we made our way to The Base Area where we thought a coffee and lunch would be good. Actually we were all starving. To our delight The (new ) Mean Bean Coffee Shop & Deli which wasn't open when we set out ,was open for the first time this season by the time we got back, so we went in for a great coffee and a lunch. We wish Cathy all the best in the new premises. All in all yet another unreal day in paradise and unfortunately we are going to have to do it all again tomorrow. Oh well.

Bernie's Note: Regular readers will recognize Dave and Anita from the summer hiking, biking and rafting reports. They have graciously offered to contribute ski reports as well this season. Dave & Anita do as yet have an email address. I'll gladly pass on any comments until such time as an email address can be setup for them.

Bernie - bernie@far.redtree.com

Fernie is somewhere below the clouds

Griz Peak from the Bear Express

Dave cruising down Cruiser

Snake Ridge in the sunshine

Sun Dogs in the ice crystals

Can that sky get any bluer?

Cathy invites you all to the new "Mean Bean" coffe shop!