Heinz's Report - December 17, 2003


If you read this report we will have to kill you!

As we left the pub last night from weekly wings night it was snowing heavily and things looked promising for tomorrow. We all made plans to head out early in the morning. Surprisingly, when we awoke the next morning, we all managed to remember what we had promised ourselves the night before! The ski resort reported 19 cm of new snow, which seemed a bit more than what it appeared � perhaps some of it had been blown off in the strong winds. They also reported 192 cm of base at the top of the Bear which seemed believable. The conditions were excellent and even more amazing when you consider it�s only December 17! Last year at this time the ski hill wasn�t even open and I didn�t get out on the boards until after Christmas!

Even though it was wind blown in the open spots, the snow was so soft and forgiving and the sun was shining; all of which made for �hero snow� conditions. I started out on the �old side� determined to make my first run of the year in Snake Ridge. But it was not to happen, as the Haul Back T-Bar was broken. Not to worry, I made knee to thigh deep runs in Linda�s, Boom Ridge and Bear Chutes. In some spots inside the sheltered trees, I was even able to get an inkling of face shots. I was running out of time, the Haul Back wasn�t going to open soon, so I headed over to the �new side�.

There are still no closure signs on the new side so my route planning was going to be a bit hit and miss. The signs on the old side had said that Currie was still closed. However, on the Timber Chair I ran into some friends who told me that Currie was open! After I got over my frustration, I decided to join them for a couple of great runs in Currie � down Concussion and then over on the traverse to the front side to take my first run of the year down Sky Dive. What a great pleasure � deep soft snow, lots of untracked areas still available and huge, Volkswagen sized bumps that were oh, so soft. What a way to end the day!

And here�s where the warning from the beginning comes in. Wojtek, one of our skiing buddies has personally warned me NOT to tell you how great the snow is. He told me to tell all of you readers NOT to come to Fernie. Not to come to enjoy this incredible snow and conditions. NOT to feel light and care free like a kid at Christmas with this wonderful winter we�ve been served up so far. You see, he wants it all for himself! So now you know, and now we will have to kill you to keep it a secret just between us!

At 6 pm it�s minus 1 Celsius and clear outside. The weather office is calling for the next precip cycle this weekend and then again for Christmas Eve. DON�T COME!

Heinz - heinzr@far.redtree.com

Rod, on Concussion and one of the gang, who will get you if come to enjoy this stuff with us.

Knot Chutes off White Pass. As good as it was at any time last year.

The trees off White Pass Chair. One of the prettiest places on the mountain when they get caked in snow. Like a Birthday Cake!

White Pass. DON�T COME to get this!

Boom Ridge off Linda�s.

Playing in the deep stuff in Linda�s. Eat you heart out Steve!

Bear. As good as it gets.


Wojtek on Sky Dive. He too will have to wipe you out if you come and enjoy this as much as he is.