Bernie's Report - December 09, 2003

Open Slopes, Fast Turnarounds, Great Snow!

I headed up the skiing early this morning. The weather today was cool and light snow was falling. After the warm weather that we had on Saturday I expected to find some icy conditions but the few centimeters of snow we received since Saturday did the trick. It was enough to make for some excellent turns. In Cedar Bowl the snow was boot deep with no significant lumps to trip you up. Good fun!

There are still a lot of alders to deal with on some slopes. Even with a meter and a half base, some slopes are impassable. I don't profess to understand the rational or importance of leaving the alders to grow on a slope but it is quite easy to recognize the areas that have been summer groomed... These areas are skiable and areas that have not been trimmed are more difficult to access. Perhaps I should just be more patient. Another meter or so of snow will solve this problem!

The ski hill is still operating with 3 chairs and the HaulBack T-bar in operation. There was a noticeable increase in the number of skiers on the hill today but nowhere near the numbers needed to even generate a lift line. I expect that the number of skiers will increase as we approach the holiday season. In the mean time... we are enjoying open slopes, fast turnarounds and great snow.

Bernie -

Looking into Cedar Bowl from the top of the Bear Express.

Looking down Cruiser

Boot deep fluff in Cedar

A Mountain Host leads the way down.