Bernie's Report - November 28, 2003

Opening Day 20003

At Fernie the conditions can change with great rapidity. Only 5 days ago the situation looked hopeless� but since last Sunday evening we have received about 50cm of snow at the base of the ski hill and probably more at higher elevations. This was the earliest opening day since 1996. Though not all the ski area was open and there were some natural obstacles to deal with, conditions were very good. The crust of old snow below the fresh stuff provided adequate protection from the rocks.

As you can see from the photos, one had to avoid the long grass and alder bushes that are not yet covered. It snowed all day and visibility was quite restricted at times but this didn�t keep us from venturing off the main runs in search of fresh tracks. Some runs on which the alder bushes had been thinned, provided some of the best turns (and some spectacular crashes). Only the �old side� was open today. Even then, upper Cedar Bowl and parts of Lizard Bowl were closed.

Obviously we need more snow, but all things considered . . . a damn fine start to the season. As a folk singer once proclaimed in one of her songs� �If you are going to do it. Overdo it! That�s how you know you�re alive.� I know I�ll be stiff and sore tomorrow!

At 5:30 pm it is 0C and snowing. (BTW� Who is the quoted folk singer? )

Bernie -

Sunny Side - Funny Side

Eileen cruising down the Bear

Looking down Arrow

Boom Ridge

Another look at Sunny Side

The new Bear's Den and washrooms