Bernie's Report - November 24, 2003

First Dump of the Season!

I awoke this morning to a pleasant surprise. 25 centimeters of fresh snow! We didn't get much white stuff out of the system that went through this area last week so today's gift was very welcome. The ski hill is planning a partial opening on Friday Nov. 28, if it continues snowing. Last night's fall was the light and fluffy variety. It looks nice but it has little substance. I believe that another 25cm dump would be the minimum amount needed to open the lower mountain. It can happen!

My wife and I (along with Ben) headed out on our x-country equipment for the first time this season. We broke trail most of the way. The snow was soft and fluffy. Light snow was falling with temperatures just below freezing... VERY PLEASANT! We made our way up to the base of the Boomerang Chair then up and across to the base of the Bear Express. We continued across the hill and skied down underneath the Deer Chair. I say "skied down" but our "traverse and fall technique" can hardly be defined as skiing. Never-the-less we made it down with no more than a sprained wrist and wet, cold hands.

You can see the depth of the snow from the photos. Our skies were riding on the crusted snow below the new stuff. It's hard to tell the depth of the crust. At the base area it is very thin but I suspect that the depth of the crust increases with elevation. The ski hill had 7 snow guns running this afternoon. They were all scattered around the base area. Workmen were still working on the new pumping station that is located adjacent to the base of the Bear Express. I hear that the new snow making system will be completely functional soon. It will be nice to have it working but you can't beat the real thing!

Bernie -

Heading up to the base of the Boom Chair

Up the Boom Chair

Looking up Lower Bear

Holo Hike

Board tracks down Power Trip

Go Linda Go!

Looking Down Silver Fox to the Base Area