Bernie's Report - November 11, 2003

It's starting to look like winter.

There was a cover of wet snow on the ground when we awoke this morning. Not enough to consider firing up the new snow blower but enough make things look a lot more wintery. Early afternoon Ben (my dog) & I headed out for a short hike up the hill. I didn't get very high before I realized that I should have brought my x-country equipment. At the base of the Bear Express there was about 6 inches of snow on the ground. Not enough to cover the longer grass but certainly enough to x-country ski on the cat tracks.

The new snow making system is not yet functional but a couple of guns have been running off the existing system and several young keeners were making use of the snow piles that have been created. There was enough snow to build a couple of jumps and a piece of lift line fencing made for a suitable rail.

As you can see from the photos, the weather this afternoon was glorious. Partly sunny and temperature just above freezing. The forecast is for partly cloudy conditions and the possibility of snow showers later in the week. The ski hill is still aiming for a Nov. 27th. opening. This may be a bit optimistic, but you never know! A few days of snow can change things around in a hurry.

At 4 pm. it's mostly cloudy and +3C at the house.

Bernie -

Looking up Lizard from near the base of the Bear Express

The view across the valley floor

Looking up a Griz Peak

North up the valley

Making use of the man-made snow

Does this rail sharpen skis?