Heinz's Report - August 06, 2003

Matheson Creek Waterfall

This is the first report for Kathy. This bike/hike/swim took place on Aug. 4, 2003.

A secret place, well maybe not quite so secret, but nevertheless I knew about it from a bike ride with Linda previously and wanted to show some friends. It was overcast and cool, a bit of a rarity this summer in the Elk Valley, so I postponed our bike and waterfall walk to the afternoon in the hope that the sun and warmer temps would re-appear and I was not disappointed. Our group has done a lot of biking, hiking and floating together this summer so we were all gung ho for a new experience and cameras were packed along with the bike locks. The biking on Coal Creek Road was uphill but not drastically so, and an hour long to km 42, followed by a short walk on the trail after we stashed our bikes. We were seven, to be joined later by our eighth member for the walk up (only 20 minutes or so) to this fabulous waterfall surrounding.

We walked up along the trail for a way and then descended to the river rocks below just in time to find the first waterfall that I had not seen previously. It was much smaller than the other where we were heading but we decided to return for a swim in the perfect little deep pool at it�s base. Another 10-15 minutes and we were there, after much ooing and awing about the various rock formations resulting from water erosion and pooling over time.

The semi-circle of rock stretches upward 50� and spread out another 60-70� on either side of the cascade. The large basin of water at the bottom was perfectly clear and some of us found perches around it, while others scrambled up the heights beside and behind to get to the top. Various species of lichens, ferns and other greenery clung to the wet sides of the rock bringing all kinds of life to the inanimate object. It was a lovely site to behold. After some exploring and relaxation we meandered back down to the first waterfall site where Steve and Heinz stripped down to their bike undies and dove into the cold refreshing liquid. This cozy spot made for more camera fun and after a long leisurely rest and some goodies we reluctantly departed.

The ride back, of course being all downhill, was exhilarating and made for hungry bikers/hikers descending on Rip�n�Richards to entertain the throng of outdoor patio visitors with storytelling.

Heinz - heinzr@far.redtree.com

The main waterfall on Matheson Creek. Anita and Kathy chill out.

The short hike up the creek bed.

A wide angle view of the amazing �grotto� with the ferns and mosses hanging off the moist rocks.

The little falls further down the creek. A better swimming hole here.

Steve doing the Acapulco cliff diver thing.

Steve and Heinz in their biking undies deciding to take the plunge.

Heinz getting an instant ice cream headache.

Our troupe for the day.