Craig's Report - May 18, 2003

So How Is That Long Weekend Camping Working Out For You?

For those not from our fair land, this is our Victoria Day weekend, which is the first long weekend of the summer series and traditionally a time to try out the camping and summer gear for the first time. However this morning found 5 to 10 centimeters of the white stuff carpeting the ground, causing our crab apple tree to groan and the newly emerged daffodils to bend their heads in despair. One can only imagine the reaction of the folks down at the camp ground - the Griz is such a merry prankster - but fortunately having overcome the camping dementia long ago, I could take in the beautiful white morning scene from my porch and then slip inside for some hot coffee in comfort. ;-)

This hasn't exactly been a warm spring, but there have been some nice days and the snow line has crept up, depending on shade, to about the Bear's Den. This has allowed some biking on the lowest trails once you drag the winter dead fall out of the way, however it now looks like the bike will be back in hibernation for the next couple of days at least while things dry up. It has also been a quiet spring for wild life, with nothing of significance turning up in the yard so far and no sign of bears, their tracks or scat in my travels on the hill. That's okay with me. :-)

With all quiet on the ski hill front, I don't have much else to report, so at four in the afternoon it is 8 C and overcast, with most of the snow already gone from the yard.

The view from my front door this morning. Mr. Crab Apple tree isn't pleased.

Boomerang and Boomerang Ridge from Bear Cub.

Lizard Bowl from near the bottom of the Bear Lift.

Although sometimes sunny, it wasn't all clear skies in the valley. From the top of Deer.

Currie Bowl from Meadow. At least one person had actually skied down meadow by the way.

There is still quite a snow bridge across the stream by the Griz Inn.