Bernie's Report - April 10, 2003

Due to social commitments this report is coming out a day late. Many of the Aussi visitors to Fernie know Barb and Dave Watts. Well, yesterday was Dave�s big 50th and the party got in the way of prompt reporting. So here it is one day late�...
How quickly conditions change! Last weekend we skied waist deep powder and today we are back to the soft melting snow of spring. No complaining though! Who could complain when there is glorious sunshine, spectacular views and some damn fine skiing to boot. With temperature reaching 12 to 15C one has to expect soft sticky conditions, especially on the south facing slopes. Despite the high temperatures, the north facing slopes were generally well preserved and offered up some very pleasantly turns.

We started out by ignoring the warning signs (not the �closed� signs, just the �not recommended� ones) and jumped into Cedar bowl from the top of the Bear Express. I believe that the signs had been erected before the warm air soften the snow and the run all the way down Cedar Ridge was much better than expected. A few large chunks of snow littered the slope but they were easily avoidable and this run and the ski conditions in general were a pleasant surprise. Realizing that the North facing slopes were the best choice, we headed for Easter Bowl and enjoyed some smooth easy turning snow that still had sufficient substance to provide a solid comfortable base.

On the new side� 1,2,3 presented us with equally good spring conditions. For our last run of the day we decided to seek out another north facing slope. We traversed around Currie heading for Easter Bowl but I happened to mention Lone Fir so we though we would give it a try� Good choice. Sheltered from the sun, the snow was soft but not sticky and for me it was the run of the day. As we made our way down to the Griz Bar, hot and thirsty, conditions softened and deteriorated into sticky slush.

Normally Heinz does a Thursday report but last weekend a Cat.Track bit Heinz on the shoulder. The attack resulted in both a dislocation and broken bone in his left shoulder that is defintely going keep him off skis for the rest of the season. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery!

At 10:45 is +5C with Intermittent rain showers in the valley

Bernie -

Lizard Bowl from near the top of Lone Fir

My Dad - 80 years young!

Craig flexing the K2s

Love these Fernie "blue" runs

North up Elk Valley

Looking down at the Lone Fir (just right of center)

Upper Lizad Bowl. Grizzly Peak top left.