Bernie's Report - April 01, 2003

If you don't like the weather... wait 5 minutes!

The weather today was as variable as the conditions. Sunshine, rain, heavy snow, limited visibility, good visibility � You could find any of these at one time or another on the ski hill today. There was some new snow on the upper mountain this morning but it barely covered the firm crystallized surface below it. Not ice, but kind of like the surface you find that has formed on last year�s ice cream that you just discovered hidden in the back of the freezer!

Early in the afternoon it snowed quite heavily while we were in Cedar Bowl and the snow accumulated quite rapidly. We found some nice fresh tracks down Blueberry. At least I think it was Blueberry! Due to the poor visibility and the fact that the heavy, sticky snow stuck to the goggles I was lucky that only dropped into one unexpected gully. The snow in this area was light enough that one could enjoy some pleasant, effortless turns.

Conditions on the lower mountain were not so pleasant. By afternoon an abundance of grey slush has formed on the lower slopes below the level of the base of the Bear Express. Although some bare patches are forming, you can still ski to the base area.

In summary, the skiing on the top half of the mountain is generally very good spring skiing. The lower mountain, on the other hand, may soon succumb to the effects of Mother Nature�s hot flashes.

At 9:pm it is partly cloudy and +2C

Bernie -

Upper Timber, late morning

In and out of the cloud

Blueberry in the snow

Snow in Cedar, Clear in Timber??

"Where are we Bernie?"

Slush Puppies