Heinz's Report - March 27, 2003

Jeremiah was a BullFrog

Joy to the World

Joy to the Skiers under the Deep Blue Sky

Joy to all the Boys and Girls� skiing today

My God, it was a perfect day today. The sun was shining between some amazing clouds. The temperature was a glorious plus 5 Celsius. The groomers had outdone themselves. The snow was that easy �hero� stuff up top. It was pretty soft and slushy at the bottom�but who cares and who needs to go there when you�ve got incredible scenery and big, easy turns up high.

Since I was hearing Three Dog Night all day I�ve decided to let the pictures do the talking again. Enjoy!

At around 3 pm the wonderful blue sky decided to pack it in and we did too. At 7:00 pm it�s plus 2 Celsius outside our back door and the clouds have petered out and it�s going to be a nice clear night. And oh�my apologies to Three Dog Night.

Heinz - heinzr@far.redtree.com

Kathy on Concussion trying to wipe out the photographer.

Lizard Bowl from the Saddle.

Robin with a big smile.

Timber Bowl.

Chris takes the Saddle for the first time!

Robin on North Ridge at Mach 9. Don�t tell Dr. Tessler!

The clouds rolling into Lizard in the morning.

Corner Pocket.

Polar Peak.

Cedar Bowl.