Bernie's Report - March 25, 2003

Enough Fluff to Cushion the Crust

After going to bed last night with reasonably clear skies, I was surprised to wake up to more snow. In fact it snowed quite heavily most of the morning and with temperatures of -2C at the base and colder up top, the new snow was quite light. As long as you stayed away from the more radically moguled areas you could stay above the hard crust of old snow and boot deep powder could easily be found.

Areas with southern exposure that had developed good size bumps (like Sunnyside) were to be avoided. On the other hand, areas with northern exposure (like Easer Bowl) delivered excellent powder skiing, albeit there were some firm bumps below the fluff but for the most part they only added to the fun.

After noon the snow stopped falling and the temperature rose to +3C. The conditions high on the mountain continued to deliver some delightful loose snow turns. Below the level of the Bear´┐Ż Den the warmer weather had caused the snow to become glazed and grabby.

The snow we have received in the last couple of days has made a significant improvement to the ski conditions.
At 5:45 pm it is +3C with overcast skies.

Bernie -

Easter Bowl looks good.

and it was good.

Jon in Easter Bowl

Heinz enjoying the Milky Way

Looking up lower Milky Way

Jon coming down "2"

Looking down "3"