Jay's Report - March 16, 2003

It's Great Being a Kid

We've been spoiled. After about a month of simply outstanding powder skiing, Fernie has been hit with a spell of mild temperatures of plus 1C to plus 4C. Precipitation was plenty in the last week but generally of the liquid kind. Not generally to my liking and what I've grown accustom to over the last few weeks.

Surprisingly, off the White Pass chair we found some rather pleasant turns on Heartland. The snow was dense but carvable on the bumps. Certainly indicative of early spring conditions. Run selection was critical though. 1,2,3's for example was scattered with death cookies up top, requiring more concentration than my neurons were up for. As Heinz last reported, there was impressive amount of slide activity during the week which deposited death cookies ranging from baseballs to medicine balls in size. Binding testing material. More suitable for crash test dummies than for me I decided. So we gravitated over to one of Fernie's hidden pleasures, Snow Creek Caf´┐Ż on the hill. Mike served us our usual order of their tasty soup and sandwiches. As I sat gazing out the window sipping my bowl of moccachino while my wife nursed a Granville Island Winter Ale a shiver of contentment ran up my spine. This ain't so bad.

We later met up with the kids at the ski school meeting place wondering what kind of day they had. To our surprise, ear to ear smiles permeated the entire group of kid skiers. "What a great day! A lot better than last week dad!" (You'll recall that last week ski school was cancelled due to cold temperatures.) "Ya, like, the snow was great and we were taken jumps and skiing through puddles and everything!" Kids, as long as they aren't cold, will have extreme fun on a ski hill. Then I bumped into a local semi-resident Steve (a grown-up 40 something guy kid), who said the snow really softened up in the afternoon, converting runs like King Fir into wonderfully ski able terrain. I later heard tell of another group of grown-up 40 something guy kids who were engaged in a game known as "ski-cross". A derivative of moto-cross I presume. Bruce, another local semi-resident, reportedly lays claim to being the first to suffer bodily injury at ski-cross. He was apparently seen nursing his wounds over a spirit or two at a hillside condo and/or bar. I'm sure he'll be hearing from a representative of Guinness shortly.

And me? Having recently recovered from a grown-up guy kid type of injury myself, I think I'll limp on over and ask Mike to serve me another one of them moccachino bowls for now. I'll save myself for the next dump. Two years ago it started snowing in late March and didn't stop for 20 something days. It's great being a kid.

At 2:00 pm it's plus 4C at the house.

Jay - jay@far.redtree.com

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