Heinz's Report - March 14, 2003

I�m hearing a different tune!

After last week�s tremendous snow, it was very depressing to hear the constant rain and water running off the roof all of this week. While the early part of the week still hung in there with a low rain line (see Bernie�s report from Tuesday), by Wednesday onwards the rain line moved progressively up the hill and the snow became more and more unstable and forced closures of some of the bowls. By Thursday afternoon the rains finally tapered off and I decided to head up this morning to view the damage.

I couldn�t believe the sight of the slides in every bowl on the mountain. I saw slides in Lizard almost down to Tower 6 road, in Easter Bowl, halfway down Cedar Center in Cedar Bowl, on Snake, in Currie down to the top of Currie Powder and in Shakey�s Acres. No wonder so much of the mountain was closed for the past few days. I hope they can get more of it open by the weekend as the few runs that were skiable will be crowded!

Everywhere there were signs to stay on the groomed runs and out of the trees. This was good advice. I tried a couple of times to venture out, but either my old legs weren�t up to it or I was way too heavy for the stuff, but I couldn�t get more than two turns together before looking like a drunken sod trying to keep my head up and legs going together in one direction. Even some of the usually groomed runs were a challenge if they hadn�t been hit by a groomer recently. The worst example of this was upper Arrow. It was a challenge trying to link turns in the mashed potatoes snow that hadn�t been skied too much. I presume things will get better in both the runs and in the trees once we get more traffic to ski the heavy snow in.

They managed to get Currie Bowl open by late morning, but the only way down was the groomed Currie Powder. I tried once more to venture off into the trees, but quickly gave up on it and headed back to the smooth stuff. On the rest of the runs that were groomed, such as Bear, the conditions were definitely spring-like with soft, heavy mash and moguls were starting to build. On the bottom of the hill, bare spots were starting to show up. This is because of the low level of snow cover we received in the early part of the season. Even though the snow pack at the top of the mountain is a respectable 270 cm, the bottom of the hill will be a challenge to keep open this spring. At the bottom of the lifts there was evidence of the hill trying to divert the runoff from the mountain. Boom Lake is starting to form.

As I finished the day�s run, I thought of Jay�s report from last Sunday. I think the Stones tune for this week is �You can�t always get what you want�But if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need��

At 3:00 pm it�s plus 5 Celsius and raining�again!

Heinz - heinzr@far.redtree.com

Major Slide from Polar into Currie Bowl.

Slides in Cedar Bowl. One went halfway down Cedar Centre.

Lizard Bowl slides. There was even one in Easter Bowl.

King Fir. Off the groomed is a definite Not Recommended.

Slide in Shakey�s Acres.

And another one in Snake Main.