Jay's Report - March 10, 2003

I Thought I Heard Mick Jagger

Saturday morning was minus 23c at the base. It was cold; cold enough for the kids Saturday lessons to be cancelled; cold enough to wear an extra layer or two and cold enough to keep the crowds away. It was even cold enough for my wife to let me ski all day!! But the powder ranked supreme. Anyone who didn't mind a little frostbite here and there was well rewarded with the hill's offerings. There was plenty of powder to go around from the dump dropped during the week.

Face Lift opened late in the morning for those that were patient enough to wait. I, on the other hand, decided to keep moving, choosing Corner Pocket not once, not twice, but three times in a row. Then I moved down to Saddle for a few more. The cold temperatures gifted those slopes with gorgeously flanked white, fluffy, over the head powder. Ya it was cold, but the look on the frost bitten faces at the ends of those runs said it all. A group of three young gentlemen followed us down Corner Pocket. At the base the young lads engaged in a something of a locker room discussion whereupon they compared their powder run with certain anatomical pleasures. Yes folks, it was that good. We skied our brains out.

Sunday wasn't as cold - about minus 15c in the morning. The Griz showed up again, graciously dumping another 10cm during the day. Perfect for Griz Days. Marking the annual Griz Days event was the dummy downhill. Great entertainment for the family and a great diversion to keep the crowds away from the powder stashes that were again starting to accumulate. Still a tad sore from the previous day of skiing we nonetheless managed to coax our way down Stagleap and a few others. Imagine our surprise when we found more freshies on Siberia Ridge. Have you ever seen three grown men weep in the moment of their good fortune? As I stumbled back to the house at the end of the day I was deliriously satisfied. My face was sore from being frozen and unthawed a dozen or so times. My feet ached from still being frozen from Saturday. As I staggered the last few steps into my driveway I could have swore I heard Mick Jagger singing, "I know it's only powder snow but I like it, like it, yes I do!"

Jay - jay@far.redtree.com

At 5:30pm its minus 15c at the house.

Stephen in Lizard Bowl from Corner Pocket

Polar Peak was open for a brief spell

Rod in Lizard Bowl from Corner Pocket

Rod in Lizard Bowl from Saddle

The Griz was Out! Bless his Heart.

Dave and Rod on Siberia Ridge