Heinz's Report - March 06, 2003

The Griz Returns for Griz Days

It was my wife�s turn to drive our daughter to work this morning so I decided to get a few more z�s this morning. When she returned she said �Get your _ _ _ out of bed. There�s 15-20 cms of new snow out there but it�s minus 15!� �But that�s too cold� I complained. �But it will be light and fluffy?� she added. That�s a bigger plus I thought to myself so I decided to take her up on the suggestion. Funny, I hadn�t heard much blasting on the mountain this morning?

I called all of my buddies but they were either busy, absent, or just too lazy to brave the cold, so I was on my own. There was the usual line-up at the Elk when I skied down so I took the back way up the Deer to Bear Express. It was a bit dicey as the old lift broke down a few times on the way up but when I got to the Bear Express there was no line-up. As I got up to the top, the patrol was opening the high traverse into Lizard so that was my only choice so far. I headed out to Easter, but it was still closed, so I took Dancer down and had first tracks. There was about 15 cm of new light stuff on top of groomed so it was real easy nice linked turns. It was so good that I couldn�t stop to take pictures � so you�ll all have to trust me! Back up again on Bear Express and wouldn�t you know it they were opening Cedar when I got there! This may be a good day! I headed out to Snake Ridge and even though there were plenty of fresh tracks in Snake Main I headed out to the end and took Steep & Deep � again I had first tracks. Here the snow was a bit deeper than on Dancer. But you had to be somewhat careful as there were good sized bumps underneath the 15-20 cm of new snow. And yes, it was quite light!

I headed out to the new side. On the way over I tried Boomerang, but the new snow couldn�t make up for the Volkswagen bumps underneath. Not my best run of the day. The liftee at the Timber told me that I had frost bite on my face, but I decided to keep on truckin. Maybe that�s why there were so few people in the line-ups? I headed up to Morning Glory and found good new stuff and it was around 11 am already. On the way back to the bottom I decided to take a chance and head back up to see if Currie was now open. The fact that they opened Cedar so quickly this morning led me to believe this could be possible too. On the ride up (The liftee warned me again about the frostbite and said she was going to break my knees if she saw me again) my chair partners told me they just came down Currie right after it was opened. Damn, missed that one, but based on the light traffic on the hill things might still be good. On the way up, I ran into some of my lazy friends who had finally made up to the hill and we decided to head over to the top of Easter, off the high traverse on Concussion Chutes. I hoped that since Easter had been closed for some time, the snow might be good all the way down into Lizard. We were not disappointed. The snow here was as deep as in Snake and Morning Glory � about 20 to 25 cm and very light. Even the moguls on Easter were filled in and good times were had by all.

My friends told my face did look pretty bad, so I decided to head home and get back to work cleaning the decks. During the afternoon the snow continued to fall heavily, about 2-3 cms per hour and by 6:00 pm it�s still snowing hard and they are calling for considerable snow overnight. It may be better tomorrow morning? The weather forecast for the weekend is looking pretty good too with another major storm being predicted for Sunday. It�s Griz days this weekend and I believe he has come home finally!

Heinz - heinzr@far.redtree.com

Brett in Easter.

First tracks in Steep & Deep.

Skier enjoying Steep & Deep.

KC Chutes left, Snake Main center, Gorby Bowl right center and the bottom of Steep & Deep far right.

Morning Glory � fresh pow to be found still at 11 am as the cold keeps the feeding frenzy to a minimum.

Traverse over to top of Easter and the front trio � Decline, Sky Dive and Stag Leap. Anita made it!

Top of Easter � skier right.

Lizard Bowl � looking good for the rest of the winter!