Bernie's Report - March 04, 2003

Bright & Cool

The 25 cm or so of fresh snow that fell on the weekend was pretty well used by this morning. Thanks to the cool overnight temperatures the snow was soft from top to bottom. This combined with bright sunshine made for a great day on snow that Craig once aptly described as �very good pre-skied snow�. Since I was performing my volunteer �Mountain Host� duties today, I stuck pretty much to the groomers and the bumps along side them. After yesterday�s knee deep powder morning, (during which I managed to pull a muscle in my back, trying to keep up with Miles and Heinz) I enjoyed a relaxing day on generally very consistently soft snow.

The morning runs on the soft corduroy groomers, not yet bumped up by traffic, were the best cruisers this year. The snow was soft and consistent. Pick up a bit of speed, roll over the skies and feel the G�s increase. It�s amazing how the shaped carving skis can put fun back into a smooth groomed run. It occurred to me that perhaps a �G� meter will be the next toy for the objective ski nerd. The next thing you will hear from the statisticians on the hill is not �how may vertical have you skied today?� but �I pulled 2.1 Gs on that turn. How many did you pull?� ;-)

From the lift, my observation of those skiers in the bumps was positive. I didn�t hear any scraping sounds and the bumps appeared soft and fluffy. The bumps along side the groomed runs were, in the main, soft though some high traffic areas were getting scraped to the hard pack by late afternoon. We skied out of Currie bowl on Gilmar�s Trail. The conditions in this area were the worst that I encountered today. Perhaps I shouldn�t be too critical, I didn�t see any exposed rock or ice, but skiing the hard pack is just not as much fun as floating though the powder. All in all, a very good, picture perfect day on the slopes.

Please excuse the limited photos today... I negected to charge the batteries. :-( At 5pm it is -2C on the back deck and some broken cloud is moving in... here's hoping!

Bernie -

Upper Lizard Bowl, Face lift running up the centre.

Lizard Bowl above the lower traverse

More of Lizard Bowl before the battery went dead.