Bernie's Report - February 26, 2003

Variable Conditions, Good Coverage

Unfortunately, I missed the fresh snow that Jay reported last weekend due to a persistent head cold but I managed to get out yesterday and today. There wasn�t any powder to be found but I did find some areas where loose snow made for some pleasant turns. Generally, the snow conditions on the hill are quite variable. Many runs have developed serious mogul fields (some VW size) and in some areas, the cooler weather and a bit of wind, has created a firm, ski grabbing slab. Other areas are soft and tractable. The trick is to find them!

Certainly the conditions are much better than they were for the first couple of weeks of February. The snow coverage is very good. Only on the narliest of pitches is there evidence of tree stumps or rocks and the spaces between the alders have grown considerably larger. The groomed run I skied were firm but not icy. Conditions are very good for fast cruising and race training. Speaking of racing� the BC Alpine K2 provincial ski race finals start tomorrow. The kids were out training today and at this point, conditions are almost ideal.

Due the variable conditions, run selection was particularly important both yesterday and today. On both days I purposely avoided the steeper and more popular runs in anticipation that they would be bumpy and firm. I concentrated on the runs with southern exposure that required a little extra effort to reach (read this as �hike�) and I was rewarded with some very nice turns.

At 6:30 pm. it is -5C and there is high overcast cloud.

Bernie -

Getting to the top of Lizard Bowl

Lizard centre with Arrow and Sunnyside in the background

Moguls are easy to find!

3 of my ski buddies coming down Shakey's Acres

More of Shakey's Acres

Miles on Surprise

Yours truly in Lizard Bowl (Thanks to Heinz's creativity)