Heinz's Report - February 17, 2003

We Really Got Snow!

But we got no lifts!

It rained last night�it really rained. But when I awoke this morning I was shocked. We had over 30 cm of new snow on the deck and it was still snowing heavily! I had many decisions to make in a few short minutes. It was check-out day in our condo � hot tubs had to be tended to, decks and driveways to clear � and there was much powder to be used! As Bernie says � decisions, decisions, decisions�

The Elk Chair didn�t seem to be running yet so I quickly got my chores down and then begged my wife to let me go out and get a few turns in before the weekend holiday crowed chewed up the new stuff. Getting my release I headed down to the Elk. To my surprise the only lift running by 11:00 am was the Mighty Moose and the Deer! The official line was that a fallen tree had taken all the power out of the old side and the Timber was down because of avalanche danger. Hmm�this sounded strangely similar to last weekend when the lifts were out too but no fallen trees that time?

As I waited in the Deer line I saw the Timber chair start up so I headed over there as soon as possible. The official report from the resort was 37 cm new snow in the last 24 hrs and 54 cms in the last 48. And it was still snowing! But where to go with the entire madding crowd poaching snow only off the Timber! I met up with some friends and we decided to check out Surprise for the first time this year. The stumps should be covered by now. We were not disappointed as the snow was real deep and real soft. The run-out at the bottom was nothing to brag about though. The lift line was growing as the Deer Chair had now closed down too � mechanical problems - but we headed up again and did Big Bang under the Timber Chair � the best of the day � and then down Black Cloud which was still good even with much traffic. We decided one more run before packing it in and we headed over to Diamond Back. Very good and very soft at the top, but choppy and very heavy where it comes it out at the bottom of Currie.

All in all a pretty good day considering this was a one lift resort today. It promises to be really good tomorrow if only we can get the lifts running� At 7:30 pm it�s 0 Celcius outside our back door and snowing very lightly. We�ve had precip now for the past 40 hrs or so. Looking promising�

Heinz - heinzr@far.redtree.com

The poor souls camping out at the bottom of Elk waiting for it to start. It never did!

The longest lift line I have ever seen for the Mighty Moose � one of the two lifts running mid-morning.

The lift line at Deer around lunch � the only real lift running at the time.

The lift line at Timber when it opened around lunch. It got much longer in the afternoon!

Nothing open due to avalanche control. Why was Falling Star closed? Where�s the avalanche danger on this run?

Dave and Anita enjoying the pow on Surprise. Not a bad skier for a drummer!

Big Bang under the Timber Chair. Lots of this was officially closed but I saw a lot of poaching going on. Our intrepid pro patrol was busy elsewhere on the mountain to catch these guys!

They finally opened Big Bang later in the afternoon after realizing how futile closing this part really was. Very sweet stuff!

Diamond Back in the late afternoon. Much traffic but still quite good!