Bernie's Report - January 28, 2003

Grinding the Groomers

As I turned the corner I gazed upon her firm alabaster mounds glistening in the sunlight. Oh! Just a second. This is the report for the other web site... but what the heck! It does quite accurately describe the look and feel of the off-groomed terrain this afternoon. I skied across one off-piste area while short cutting the trail to Dancer. It was rock hard and in the sun, these areas had a semi-gloss sheen that looked very uninviting.

I stayed on the groomed runs, as the warning signs suggested. By afternoon the groomed surface had been pushed into low bumps which were quite skiable. Other areas were hard packed and required good eastern and/or racing technique. The Snow Valley Racers were training GS on Dancer today. Good conditions for race training. It was a verrry fast course! Below the level of the Bears Den the damage caused by last Sunday�s rain is quite evident. There are ice patches and bare ground to be avoided. It goes without saying... we desperately need fresh snow!

On a personal note: I would like to acknowledge all those individuals who have emailed me with thanks and compliments for helping keep the reports on Craig�s site going. Thanks for the notes. It�s a pleasure to have the opportunity to help (mind you, it�s more fun when there is fresh powder). I know, from past experience, how important it is to have access accurate information. As they say on TV... "Keep those cards and letters coming!"

Bernie -

Looking up Bear from the top of Elk

Sign in the Daylodge

Cedar Bowl with a couple of boarder on Cruiser

Looking down at the intersection of Bear Ridge & the Bear

From the top of the White Pass, Fernie in the centre.

Looking down Currie Ice. Uh... I mean Powder

There are better ways of getting to the Bear Chair