Heinz's Report - January 15, 2003

Sure Beats Work!

I had to do some chores this morning so I couldn�t get out until late in the afternoon. Because of this, I stayed on the old side and did the �triangle� route. I made a run into Cedar Bowl and picked a line in the trees between Blueberry and Cedar Centre that usually has some powder after everything is pretty well skied out. It was really variable � chop, windblown, some fresh stuff about boot deep. I also decided on my next cycle to make my first visit of the year to Snake Ridge to see how just bad the alders really were. From below, it looked pretty bad, but I decided to take a look anyway.

Snake Main actually looked passable with only the tops of the alders sticking out of the snow. I was tempted to drop down, but as I only had a few hours I had other places to see and other things to do � tomorrow maybe. I took a look down the top of Gorby Bowl and decided that � NO WAY - I couldn�t take on these alders! I kept on going over to Steep & Deep and Redtree. Now this was more like it.

I headed down Redtree first. It was pretty well skied out, but still quite soft in the bumps. On the sides and in the trees I found some freshies left over from yesterday. On the way back up Boom chair and over to Bear Express, I took in the Bear chutes which have been surprisingly good this year thanks to some much appreciated alder whacking by Wally. (Now get over to Snake Wally!) The Chutes were still quite good and soft turns on some BIG moguls were to be found. Back on Boom though was another story. Pretty scrappy on the back sides of these moguls�

Another cycle back to Snake and this time down Steep & Deep. Definitely excellent � lots of soft stuff. I found some �pow� on the sides and if you decided to brave a few turns, through the tops of the alders. The bottom of Steep & Deep was really good and it looked like it had been cleared out over the summer. Hmm�maybe I can actually manage a couple of linked turns here this year instead of trying to hang on the hill with my toes curled up in my boots!

It�s 4:00 o�clock and I�m back at the top of Boom chair. Ah, what the hell, let�s go for a power run back down North Ridge � one of my favorites (I�m an Easterner you know and we like those old trail runs). Looking good�almost perfect. Now if only those stragglers would get off the damn run so I can really let it fly.

It�s closing time and I have to head home. Down the Bear I notice that they�re starting to set up the mogul run for the World Cup.

Reporter�s Note: This is my first report for Craig�s web site. I�m particularly honored to be helping out in a small way to keep this most important site current and fresh. It was Craig�s site that was instrumental in us moving out to Fernie and realizing our dream of living on a ski mountain, which we have just completed! Back then I used to download his wonderful images and set them up on my computer as wallpaper and screen savers, just to keep me motivated. I waited daily for his latest reports and would just drooll. It is quite strange now doing this from the other side so to speak. I can only hope that I can do as good a job as Craig did

Heinz - heinzr@far.redtree.com

Blueberry � Cedar Ridge on the right

Snake Ridge � Not Ready for Prime Time yet

Snake Main � tempting�.

Gorby Bowl � damn, I forgot my machete back at the house!!

Steep & Deep � Gorby Alders..uh Bowl on the right, Redtree on the left

Redtree looking back up � it was getting late�

Boomerang Ridge � starting to get close to normal

Bear Chutes

Boomerang. Almost covered and ready to go.

The commute home. Don Valley Parkway not.