April 08, 2002

Craig's FAR Update 2002/4/8:
Spring Rocks!

No I haven't become a ardent enthusiast of spring skiing, but rather my day was cut short at one run by a rock of pointy mean spirited nature, which took vengeance on my ski for disturbing its winter slumber on China Wall. The patient is now undergoing treatment and is expected to make a more or less complete recovery - at least I was too lazy to actually get the new skis I intended to this year.

Despite this insult, coverage is really still very good and I had been thinking on chair ride up that only the pathologically troublesome areas were showing any signs of wear. Unfortunately I managed to find a stealthy rogue.

I obviously can't say much about the skiing other than the sunny areas were pretty standard soft spring stuff. A cloud covered the mountain while I was on the chair and even in that short time there was a noticeable stiffening of the snow. Fortunately, for others, the sun was out again by the time I left the hill.

At 14:30 it is 9 C and while sunny, more of those clouds are cruising around.