March 30, 2002

Craig's FAR Update 2002/3/30:
A Kinder, Gentler Spring Day

It was once again spring skiing and once again the conditions were variable, but it was a markedly friendlier variable than the surly offering of yesterday. In many places the wonderful corn snow made for spring hero conditions and this without any trace of ski sucking slush. Indeed where yesterday Sunny Side had been crisp and rasping, this afternoon it was positively delightful.

That was enough to convince me that the Currie chutes would be great and I dragged my long suffering wife over there only to discover the same frozen solid, lumpy mess that I found yesterday. At least today the lower moguls and gully area sported the wonderful corn that we had hoped for on the upper slopes.

Such are the perils of spring skiing, but today the nasty bits were so outweighed by really nice stuff that I thought I might have to revise my view of spring delights. OK, that isn't really very likely, but it was a pretty nice day.

It was a bit busy though and we got caught in an after lunch line at the Elk chair that was as bad as anything I have been in this season. It was probably just bad timing though, for we did not have significant waits anywhere else. Still I had the impression that Manitoba must have been pretty empty this last week.

At 16:50 it is 6 C and mainly cloudy at the house