March 29, 2002

Craig's FAR Update 2002/3/29:
Spring Variable

There were a variety of snow conditions on the hill to choose from today, but unfortunately most were less than inspiring. That the best snow was probably the corn that appeared on the lower groomers, pretty much says it all.

Despite the intermittent sun, the upper mountain did not really melt and the couple of centimeters of new snow couldn't really compensate for the underlying crunchy stuff. Still the skiing was at least tolerable, if at times noisy, on Cedar Ridge and over in the Red Tree area you could get all the fresh tracks you could wanted, albeit in a very thin layer on not always friendly underpinnings.

The upper groomers were probably pretty good too, although all I have to judge by was the couple of turns I made on Bear while crossing over to Sunny Side, which to my surprise was quite firm. That should have warned me off of the Currie Chutes, but I gave them a try anyway and was treated to some truly horrible conditions on Concussion.

The thin layer of new kept it from being truly death defying, but the frozen lumps and solid sub surface made for a far from pleasant descent even if it was kind of interesting. Surprisingly the firm conditions persisted through the lower moguls in Currie and down to only a few turns above Meadow.

At 15:15 it is 7 C and now mainly overcast at the house.