March 22, 2002

Craig's FAR Update 2002/3/22:
Suddenly Spring!

It is as though someone flipped a switch from winter to spring this morning. The sun was hot, the temperature soared and on the South facing slopes the snow began its inevitable reduction from powder to heavy crud. The North faces still harbored pockets of fluff and had some delightful skiing, but that hot sun may find its way to them later this afternoon. The groomed and packed stuff was all still very good, but obviously the warm temperatures will have an effect on them too.

We of the powder faith can hardly complain for we have had a great run and I guess the sun pagans deserve their turn too. With only three weeks or so left, time is running out. Still I can't help but hope that old man winter might yet have a blast or two saved up for us. :-)

At 13:15 it is bright, sunny and 1 C.