March 21, 2002

Craig's FAR Update 2002/3/21:
Glorious Groomers

Now long term readers might well jump to the conclusion that today's title is a facetious jab implying awful conditions anywhere but on the groomers, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Although almost everything inbounds was well chopped, this was some of the nicest crud you could ever find and giddy screamers were the rule for off piste runs today. Everything was excellent.

However it is a rare day indeed when I am truly impressed with the wonderful conditions on our flattened friends, but my skiing companions and I were in agreement that this was some of the finest groomed skiing we have encountered. Wonderfully compliant and receptive to every nuance of ski edge, this simply defined hero snow.

Nonetheless I only sampled these treats while traveling to and from the off piste delights. There was no new snow, but the temperatures have been cool and snow friendly, so while it wasn't the powder orgy of yesterday, there was still an embarrassment of wonderful turns.

At 17:45 it is -7 C with just a bit of high cloud at the house.