March 15, 2002

Craig's FAR Update 2002/3/15:
Pretty Damn Fine

I promised 'Sargent' Dave that I would use that phrase in today's report and as it was so very appropriate for the skiing, I was happy to oblige. This was another great day that I didn't see coming. There was some very fine skiing yesterday, but no new snow and while it was snowing hard at the house this morning, there wasn't all that much in the driveway. Indeed I has planned a day off of the slopes and must thank the resort ski rental operation, for without their spectacular incompetence I would surely have missed some great turns.

My daughter was to take snowboard lessons with her school today, but the hill had apparently arranged this deal for more schools than they could accommodate and the net result was my daughter ended up on the short end. As poor compensation I suggested we go get our ski boots and do some runs while the missed lessons were taking place. As it turned out, after a few turns in Cedar Ridge fluff that was often up to her waist, she decided the lack of boots wasn't such a bad deal after all.

All but the high Cedar Traverse was open and at first even that was only closed down to the old hut trail entrance. This meant many acres of luscious fluff to play in and any powder skier who didn't end up with a silly grin or two probably hadn't had a pulse for at least a week or two. Pretty much everything was good with the only disappointment being a trip down the Windows Chute. It wasn't by any means bad, but the merely boot deep snow and abundant tracks just didn't measure up to my expectations. :-)

At 15:00 it is -1 C at the house and snowing.