March 05, 2002


I was off of the slopes for the last three days due to a dead boot, but I managed a few quick runs this morning with a fresh pair of iron maidens. My main impressions for the day were things like firm, lumpy, cold and uncomfortable, but despite the boots the skiing was very good heading toward excellent. :-)

In the two hours or so that I was out, our driveway went from about a centimeter of snow to more than ankle deep. Up on the hill everything was improving rapidly and fresh ankle deep tracks were available almost everywhere, including some of the lower groomers. This morning the icy underpinnings were still evident, but fading fast.

There were very few folks on the hill, undoubtedly because the driving horizontal snow and frosty temperatures made for weather unfit for man or boarder. I seem to have acquired a spot of frost bite on my cheek, so covering up well and frequent warming stops were probably wise.

On a day like today, it makes sense to head up later to enjoy the accumulations, but I had an afternoon parent teacher interview. However I have just learned that it has been canceled and the school bus kids are being sent home early as the highway may close. The local school bus driver contingent normally head out unconcerned in conditions that would have the army being called out in many places, so this is definitely unusual.

Tomorrow's snow is undoubtedly going to be wicked, but the mercury is supposed to continue to plunge and only the hardy or perhaps foolish may be able to take advantage of it.

At 12:20 it is -13 and snowing very hard.