March 01, 2002

Craig's FAR Update 2002/3/1:
Another Gorgeous Day

It started out cloudy and it looks to be getting cloudy again, but for most of the day the scenery up on the mountain was spectacular. If you weren't there though, you will have to take my word for it as this was one of my camera free days.

There continues to be lovely fluff turns available in places, but as expected the ice lurking beneath is revealing itself more and more, particularly on steeper slopes. I took a rare ride down Bear and found it to be decent, but with more slick spots than one would like. The flatter groomers I was on were fine though.

Over on the Currie Chutes I was surprised to find some of the loose snow had been sun baked and become denser and rather stiff when it cooled down again. The visually indistinguishable mixture of fluff, stiff and dense and ice was rather, um, entertaining.

This week must have been a lull in the school break cycle, for it has been surprisingly quiet on the hill. The only exception was a significant line this afternoon at the Face Lift, which was once again in operation.

At three PM, it is 1 C on my still sunny porch, but clouds appear to be gathering.