February 09, 2002

Craig's FAR Update 2002/2/9:
Monotonously Wonderful

No, it isn't the skiing that is monotonous, far from it, but it is getting hard to find new ways to say that things are rather superb. It didn't seem as busy as I feared and when we first headed out in the lunch time lull, the line ups on the old side at least were short and often nonexistent. Things did seem to pick up in the afternoon, but not burdensomely.

The skiing was soft and pleasant everywhere, but the treats were in the newly opened areas. All but the Face Lift runs opened up and all that extra terrain meant that even late comers like us could enjoy some top notch powder turning. Snake was our obsession of choice and was flat out wonderful. The rising base has made lots of choice bits of skiing real estate out of what was recently bush and the boot high or better powder allowed it to be skied in real hero style.

At ten to four it is -1 C and overcast at the house.