February 08, 2002

Craig's FAR Update 2002/2/8:
Another Day, Another Dump!

Yep, more snow fell last night and it was drier and well into the powder zone this time, especially on the upper mountain. I did a quick early afternoon circuit and by then the crowds, which seemed heavier than average for a Friday, had chopped and tracked even the deepest of stashes. It was truly amazing how quick and thorough a job they had done, but I did manage the odd fresh turn and was rewarded with boot high or better high quality powder. Very, very nice!

Even in the well trafficked areas, which seemed to be just about any place on the mountain that was open, the snow was soft and the skiing very sweet. While one does have to wonder what will happen this weekend (a chair companion from Calgary said he didn't know anyone who wasn't coming to Fernie), there were no line ups to speak of today, despite the busy looking slopes. Of course terrain was limited, with Currie, upper Lizard and Cedar (except for Cedar Ridge) being closed, so folks were concentrated into a smaller area.

All in all, there are some wonderful skiing conditions, but these are probably best enjoyed with your imagination in the privacy of your own distant home. (Just kidding - I think). :-)

At quarter past three it is 1 C at the house with just the odd flake falling.