February 06, 2002

Craig's FAR Update 2002/2/6:
How Sweet it is

It was one of those days when the snow falls steadily all day, keeping things nice and sweet. It wasn't deep untracked powder, but rather just a nice ankle to boot deep covering almost everywhere. Often I find these days as or more pleasant than the big powder days, for the howling crowds are usually absent and with almost the whole hill open it is easy to find your own little places to stir about.

After about a month of trying they finally managed to get enough clear sky yesterday to take a helicopter on a cornice bombing run. Even then it was a close thing as the clouds kept threatening, but they got the job done and this morning the upper bowls were once again open. Not for long though as the Cedar high traverse was once again closed this afternoon.

The weather elf is predicting 15 cm before morning and another 5 during the day tomorrow and although it is flirting with the freezing mark at the base, it seems it will stay as snow. At ten to four it is -1 C and snowing at the house.