February 04, 2002

Craig's FAR Update 2002/2/4:
Wind Droppings

I managed to get out for a few runs this morning and while there was some new snow, it was not of the quantity or quality that I hoped for at dinner last night. At that time generous amounts of soft fluffy flakes had been falling, but alas it quit about 7 pm and the wind apparently had its way with what did fall. This does not mean that it left a terrible killer wind slab, but it wasn't exactly fine powder either.

Even uncut it skied quite well if you treated it to a little respect, but it was hard to tell what would be firm and what would be soft and so things like filled in mogul troughs could be a bit of a surprise. Still it was more pleasant than work to ski and once cut up a bit, it was really quite nice.

In the interests of snow quality, I would have liked to have seen it a bit cooler at the base, but it was somewhat chillier up top and still windy in places. White Pass was, well, white.

At about 4:30 it is just below freezing at the house and overcast.