January 27, 2002

Craig's FAR Update 2002/1/27:
Unfair to Locals

For the second week in a row the best snow has been on the weekend, clearly violating our Griz given right as locals to poach those freshies before the weekenders arrive. :-) I didn't get out yesterday, but it snowed most of the day and I hear it was very good. It was cold this morning, the family was sluggish and I really didn't expect much to be open, so it wasn't until after noon that I finally got on the slopes. This was clearly a mistake for they had opened Cedar, Lizard and Easter Bowls in the morning to rave reviews that folks on the lifts continued to inflict on me all afternoon.

While the hoards had done a pretty efficient job of powder mashing, the skiing was still excellent and with a little work I was still able to get some very sweet turns. In particular Snake Ridge was open, but Cedar was closed above the traverse from the Boom Chair, so reaching Red Tree required a bit of a climb. The result was well worth it though, for the thigh deep silk slid by in a most agreeable way. By the time I has cycled back to the top of Boom though, Cedar Bowl was closed and the closure signs even extended a ways down Cedar Ridge.

The White Pass chair was closed all weekend, apparently due to mechanical problems and this undoubtedly increased the pressure on the old side somewhat. The lines at Haul Back looked fairly nasty at times, but the actual waits didn't seem too painful.

At five P.M. it is -13 C and the snow is just honking down out there.