January 22, 2002

Craig's FAR Update 2002/1/22:
The Ropes Drop

By the end of the day today, almost everything inbounds was open, with the exceptions being the Face Lift and Saddles area of Lizard. I came late to the party and was amazed by how throughly so many acres of snow could be reduced to crud or even moguls in such a short time. Still I was able to find lots of freshies on Red Tree, Easter and in particular in Currie which didn't open until the afternoon.

To me the snow seemed somewhat denser and required more effort and attention than the mindless ease of the weekend fluff. I would have written this off to the protest of aging overused legs, but I heard a similar comment from a friend in the locker room. Of course maybe his aging legs were protesting too. :-) In any event the snow was still deep and light enough to occasionally boil up into your face, so probably only the seriously jaded would question its quality.

The day started out clear, but just after noon a monster black cloud ate the hill and some serious snow began falling. A few minutes ago it had stopped and I could see some clear spots out of the window, but now it is snowing again, but lightly. What next? A weather elf has told me to expect some more serious snow later in the week, so perhaps I should look into a rest and refit for those aging legs.

At quarter to five it is -6 C, overcast and the rate of snowfall is picking up again.