January 20, 2002

Craig's FAR Update 2002/1/20:
Continuing Great

Perhaps I and others should have been more discrete about yesterday's conditions, for there sure seemed to be a lot more cars with Alberta plates heading up the hill this morning. Maybe that was just my imagination, but there certainly were significant lines on most of the lifts at some point today. However we probably never had to wait much more than five minutes except for the times when a lift had decided to take something of a break - a seemingly frequent occurrence today.

A bit more of the hill was open, but with snow falling heavily throughout the day, it was not surprising that most stuff stayed closed. They even re=closed Sunny Side, but Cedar Ridge was open and even the bottom part of Cedar Main as well as pretty much all of Timber Bowl. The crowds ensured that any obvious untracked did not last long, but even the chopped and beaten stuff was still excellent and digging a little deeper could still produce lots of billowing in your face light powder turns even late in the day.

At 5:20 it is -2 C at the house and it has stopped snowing, but there is still a heavy looking cloud sitting over the hill.,/p>