January 18, 2002

Craig's FAR Update 2002/1/18:
Good Sliding

A series of tribulations has kept me off of the slopes since Monday. These culminated yesterday with my new 'reliable' Windows XP system deciding life was just too tough and ending it all by registry corruption. This trademark reliability has left me fantasizing about taking a certain Mr. Bill for a few 'packed powder' runs on, oh, say Bootleg Glades. I did finally manage to slip out for a few runs this afternoon and I found things were generall in rather good shape, but the ghost of rain past still lurks on the steeper slopes off trail.

There was actually lots of ankle deep or deeper fluff scattered about. This delightful, delicate stuff was certainly lovely, but it lacked the muscle to keep the rasps away on my preferred haunts. Still this does not mean that they were unskiable or even necessarily undesirable to ski and the gentler and on trail stuff was generally very good. Even down in the firm zone near the bottom, the bite remained good.

It was on the chilly side though, so the wind also had some bite to it. The weather elves are muttering about more generous snowfalls this weekend and the beginning of next week and a nice dump on top of the existing conditions could make for some very fine skiing indeed. Let's hope they are right.

At twenty to five it is -7 C and overcast.