January 12, 2002

Craig's FAR Update 2002/1/12:
Just What the Doctor Ordered

The best prescription for a nasty ice infestation is a healthy dose of snow, preferably nice dense nasty lump hiding snow, and that is exactly what the Griz administered today. In my driveway it was decidedly uninspiring slush and the snow flirted with rain several times during the morning, but up on the hill it had worked wonders. At the top it was dense but powder like and while quite heavy near the bottom, it still seemed delightful after the ice.

With the exception of stuff near the top of White Pass, the hard stuff still rasped through on some turns on the steeper slopes and you definitely wanted to avoid other folks tracks. This was sometimes hard in the very variable visibility, but this all seems picky considering what it had been like. On more moderate terrain, it was really good anywhere off piste.

As might be imagined, Currie and Upper Cedar were closed and late in the day they also closed upper Lizard. Still I did not seem to have much trouble finding fresh turns, although I did hear someone in the late afternoon complain that everything was tracked out. That was certainly true in general and to be expected near closing on a Saturday. However thinking about where to get some truly untracked led me to a short but nice completely untouched intermediate tree slope that I had never been on before. That followed by a few new lines on more familiar terrain added up to an excellent last run and a very favorable impression of the day.

No I am not going to say where that last run was. :-)

At five P.M. it is a sloppy 1 C at the house and the precipitation has apparently stopped, although a heavy cloud still hangs over the hill.