January 03, 2002

Craig's FAR Update 2002/1/3:
A Small but Welcome Coating

There wasn't much - just a few centimeters sprinkled about - but it was enough to take the hard edge off and make the skiing significantly more enjoyable. Warmer temperatures helped too, although it was occasionally a bit windy and there was some fog up on the top of White Pass.

The crowds are still here and getting up the Elk Chair was an ordeal, but other than that my daughter and I did not encounter lift problems. My wife and son were skiing separately though and apparently spent lots of time in lines or hanging from immobile lifts. I heard that the hill record for attendance was set a few days ago and that the hill has been outdrawing Lake Louise by a good margin. Scary!

At 6:15 it is a pleasant -6 C under a partly starry sky.