December 28, 2002

Okay on top, but horrible down low.

Most of the hill is now open, but much of it is not what I would consider skiable. Indeed I even saw some folks walking down parts of it and if I had not been on old skis that I had never expected to use again, I might have too. The top of the mountain remains pretty good, but from about the Bear's Den down, there is just a thin coating of snow that couldn't really be considered a base.

Up top the powder was somewhat dense and blocky, but even if it wasn't exactly high quality, it was still certainly quite enjoyable. The Face Lift and Upper Cedar Bowl were closed, but Cedar Ridge was open and I was pleased to discover there was no problem skiing right to the bottom of the Haul Back. Getting from the top of the Haul Back down to the Boom chair wasn't exactly a treat, even though trying to link together pieces of snow did provide some amusement.

Probably the best strategy though would still have been to stay up on White Pass, but I personally have little interest in scratching this hard for some turns and headed home after just a few runs.

A 16:00 it is 1 C and overcast at the house.

Lower Elk was listed as a 'best way down', but was barely snow covered.

The Bare's, er, Bear's Den and the top of Dipsey.

Ah,this is better - Lizard Bowl from between Arrow and Bow.

Looking across Bow and up Arrow.

Dipsey just below China Wall was actually worse than this looks.

Cedar Ridge was twiggy and even had some slick spots, but was overall pretty good.


Sunnyside was also pretty good, but the large number of sharp, semi buried punji sticks were certainly intimidating.