December 11, 2002

Small White Hope

The main purpose of this report is to replace those nasty brown pictures that have been scaring everyone with more hopeful, somewhat whiter ones. Yesterday's snowfall left about 5 cm of fairly heavy snow down at the house and perhaps double that in nice powder (over a rock hard ice base) up in Lizard Bowl. Hardly a major dump by Fernie standards, but definitely a shot in the arm in these parched times.

Depending on the forecast you look at, things look reasonably hopeful for some more snow in the next few days and if that means we are back in our normal storm track, then the chances of actually opening on Dec 20th are pretty good. It is taken a article of faith around here that the snow will come for the Christmas season and I certainly can't recall anytime when it didn't. However lots of snow is still needed, so some concern is inevitable.

At 16:00 it is hovering around the freezing mark down here at the house and if you stare really hard for long enough, you just might see a flake float by.

The base of the Timber Chair from the drop off circle. Whiter, but not yet white enough.

A boarder cruises the whitened grass on lower Lizard Trail. Still a tough choice between the Burton or the Lawn Boy.

Lizard Bowl from the bottom of the Bear Chair.

Looking up Arrow to the top of the Bear Chair. Adventure in skiing?

Easter Bowl actually looks rather appealing though.

The standard shot up the valley - it appears something divine is happening up in Hosmer.

I wonder what the base of the snowboard that made this track looked like when it got to the bottom. From just below the Bear's Den.

Crowded slopes on the Mighty Moose - for now the most popular part of the mountain. Bet these guys won't even visit the poor thing once the hill actually opens.